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HS Artists Create with Canvas

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The first project of the year for the high school’s electronic illustration class was to use Google Chrome’s Canvas platform to explore mark-making, a simple program that allows for a wide range of results. After mark-making, each student created a work of art using the tools.

“Number Surgery” at JFK

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JFK students recently learned math through “number surgery,” problem solving to “diagnose” equations and find solutions. The young mathematicians used “place value symptoms” to figure out what number to diagnose each case.

Three HS Student-Musicians Earn All-State Recognition

Three HS Student-Musicians Earn All-State Recognition thumbnail177112

Three outstanding seniors recently earned All-State recognition by the New York State School Music Association. Viol player Michelle Mirabelli was named to the All-State String Orchestra, tenor Andrew Timmins was named to the All-State Mixed Chorus and clarinetist Shannon Wodicka was named to the All-State Symphonic Band.

This year’s NYMSSA All-State Music Conference will be held in a virtual format. Students will rehearse, perform and record a virtual 2020 All-State Concert in December.

Experiments Explore Scientific Method

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Exploring the scientific method with a dancing raisins experiment, fourth-grade scientists at JFK collected data and made observations, hypotheses and conclusions.

“We are so proud of our students and teachers leading the way through innovating problem solving,” said Principal Deborah Smith.

JFK's Outdoor Fitness Classes

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During recent physical education classes, JFK students participated in exciting and challenging outdoor fitness activities that promoted health and wellness.

“Our students are thrilled to be back, engaging in wonderful activities in their academic areas as well as enjoying the great weather and physical education,” said Principal Deborah Smith. “It was fabulous to see the classes enjoying each other’s company while learning new games through structured lessons.”

Wednesday, October 28, 2020