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Air Conditioning/Refrigeration/Freezer Maintenance Repairs And Services District-Wide


Architectural/Engineering Contract


Athletic Equipment & Supplies


Athletic Uniforms


Auditing Firm


Board/Labor Counsel


Cafeteria & Other Related Equipment Maintenance & Repair Services


Cesspools/Grease Traps & Stoppages Maintenance And Repair District-Wide


Construction Management Firm


Cosmetology Classroom Furnishings


Elevator and Stage Lift Chair Inspection and Repairs


Food Service Management Company


Gymnasium Bleachers-Folding Doors-Basketball Backstop-Stage Rigging: Safety Inspection, Certification and Repair


Gymnastics Equipment 2019


Gymnastics Equipment & Supplies 2018


Investigative Services


Irrigation Inspection, Repair, Maintenance And Service


    Musical Instruments


    Oil Burner Maintenance, Repair and Services


    PA, Intercom, House Phone System Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services


    Phase 1 Athletic Field Upgrades


    Playground at the East Islip Middle School



    Plumbing Maintenance, Repair and Services


    Printing Services - Districtwide 2019


    Printing Services - District-Wide 2018


    Roofing Replacement 2019


    Roof-Rubber Membrane Repair, Maintenance And Service


    School Age Before and After School Child Care Program


    School Physician & Healthcare Services 2019-20


    School Physician & Healthcare Services 2018-19



    Security System Monitoring, Repair, Maintenance & Service District Wide

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  • Bid Cost Report Revised - March 20, 2017

    Secured Entry Vestibule Upgrades at Various Schools


    Snow Removal - Stand by Service


    Stage Curtain Replacement

    Student Transportation


    Video Camera System - Athletics

          Tuesday, November 12, 2019